Blisses B

Blisses B has pioneered a sound that is all their own using a medley of acoustic and electric instruments in dynamic ways. Their motto: We will see you down at the shore, in your canoe, and give you the push you won’t admit you need.

"Sea Level Astronomy is ten tracks of gloriously balanced lyrical elements and body-rockin’ rhythms blessed by the rock gods...Their sound? Imagine Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors and the Naked and Famous had a love child. In “Weapons Grade,” the mandolin is making love to your ears and the bass is making your heart flutter. “Side Hug” perfectly blends the drums, guitar, bass and vocals together resulting in one masterful rock anthem. Vocals center on the theme of considering multiple perspectives and the profound, and the songs titles accurately depict the mood of each song. Sea Level Astronomy is definitely an album to play on repeat." - Performer Magazine