Bianca Caruso

Bianca Caruso cut her teeth in Austin, Texas, tracked down the best of what was there, packed it up and brought it to Los Angeles.

An old soul with a timeless sound, Caruso made a name for herself as a founding member and the driving force behind the critically acclaimed alt-country ensemble Freddy and Francine, whose infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics quickly became regular installations at LA's Hotel Cafe, McCabe's Guitar Shop, and throughout southern California.

Her freelance career includes touring nationally backing up 'Wicked' star Idina Menzel, performing in The Met Theater's hit revival of 'HAIR' with Original Broadway Producer Michael Butler, and collaborations with a growing list of LA's up-and-coming talent.

After three releases in as many years, featured rotation on LA's KCRW, and cultivating a madly loyal audience for Freddy and Francine, Caruso now steps into the limelight alone with "Bravado" - a new batch of songs and a sound too big, it turns out, even for Texas.

"Caruso’s vocals are great. Freddy & Francine band member Lee Ferris appears on a track, too, and they sound great together, just as they did five years ago on that LP. It’s really interesting to hear Caruso on her own, however, and she does a marvelous job. I absolutely love her vocals, and hearing them on tracks like the title track, “Blue On Blue,” or “I Wanna Go Home With You,” the duet with Ferris, is quite fantastic. She really knocks it out of the park here, and I love hearing her vocals. She has a wonderful voice, whether it’s in terms of country music, or just music as a whole. I also really like the sound of this LP, speaking of country music." - Bradley Christensen, ConcertJunkie