Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash

"Truth be told, this outfit owes as much to Waylon, Willie, Merle, Kris and Billy Joe as it does to Johnny himself. Rowdy and raucous, but still hewing to a mindset that embraces highways and honky tonks, the band's latest boasts the sound of classic country sound entangled in a familiar setting."
Review of "New Old Story" – Country Standard Time

"They have created one of the best Country albums of 2013, and one that will definitely stir up some sawdust on the dance room floor. The sound is a straight forward tribute to what Country should exemplify."
Review of Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - "New Old Story" – Twangville

The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash know what they're good at but, more importantly, they know what they love, and that love is obvious throughout the album. They may have lonely hearts, but this album is a love song to country music if there ever was one.
Review of "New Old Story" – Adobe and Teardrops