Faces On Film - Elite Lines RANDM 015


"The follow up to 2008’s The Troubles and 2011’s Some Weather, Faces on Film a.k.a. Mike Fiore plays with our sense of reality and employs skillful use of imagery throughout Elite Lines.

Within the patchwork of tales on Elite Lines, Fiore brings influences as diverse as Harry Nilsson’s “Many Rivers to Cross” to Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good” to Neil Young’s “I Believe in You”. That should serve to whet your appetite for the aural journey you’ll impart on with Faces on Film." - Pop Matters


  1. Percy
  2. Elite Lines
  3. The Rule
  4. Your Old One
  5. Bad Star
  6. Heartspeed
  7. Daytime Nowhere
  8. Rake The Dust