Faces on Film - Some Weather RANDM 014


"Some Weather" is a study in style and subtlety. Featuring Mike Fiore’s reverb-drenched vocals and lyrics that examine such heady themes as life, death, birth, guilt, and love, the album’s ten tracks are a slow burn that recall a dream whose details are just out of your mind’s reach. Echoes, chants, and even the understated addition of sleigh bells throughout evoke joy at one turn - as in album centerpiece “Great Move North” and premonition at the next, as in the following track, “Make Nice.”


  1. Knot In The Vine
  2. Moon's Row
  3. Harlem Roses
  4. Great Move North
  5. Make Nice
  6. Under Newry
  7. A Hundred On The Hill
  8. Bride
  9. Fire And Fume
  10. Garrison