Mercies - Blue Against Green RANDM 024


The sophomore full-length album from Mercies, enjoy!

"Mercies take the title of brand new track “Every Echo” literally, the song reverberating in every sense of the word. Taken from their forthcoming sophomore album, Blue Against Green, “Every Echo” has the New England pastoral-rock trio taking after their forestal predecessors, most notably Fleet Foxes circa “Helpnessness Blues.” - Spin Magazine

"With Blue Against Green firmly following in the footsteps of their debut album, Three Thousand Days, Mercies has a clear direction and focus for their music and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Wherever they’re going – musically or metaphorically – count me in.” - Emo At Heart

"Blue Against Green is a catchy and philosophical album that will become a staple in any music library. Mercies have found a cozy musical niche that is approachable and personal. The album covers a broad spectrum of concepts, but with a lovely positive, artistic and cheeky punch. Blue Against Green is officially the new soundtrack to my spring!" - Theresa Pham - Highlight Magazine