George Kamel - The Great Coward RANDM 028


"The nine-track album opens with ‘Hold On,’ a song analogous of a ray of sunlight on a cloudy day. The Boston native’s singing is immediately followed by a guitar interlude and lyrics like, “Bring your heavy heart/Bring your pain.” ‘Found My Way’ blends folky notes with hints of bluegrass roots…cue the banjo. Kamel did, indeed, find his way after emerging producer, Matt Baker, turned his open-mic and coffee shop performances into an album.

Kamel manages to extract emotion from the most beautiful and painful moments of his life blend it harmoniously with mellow guitar strums and catchy drum beats. The album showcases his growth both personally and artistically. The second to last track ‘Shadow Puppets’ is a classic Americana, purely instrumental song that begins with the plucking of a banjo. Kamel’s songs are truly infectious and relatable; he’s passionate about songwriting and it comes through in every track. I dare you to listen just once to The Great Coward because you won’t be able to stop.'

Chandra Johnson - Secret Sound Shop


  1. Hold On
  2. Used To Know
  3. Found My Way
  4. Mockingbird
  5. Junebug
  6. I Wanna Live
  7. The Wind
  8. Shadow Puppets
  9. Home (I Am)