Jeremiah Tall - Waking RANDM 029


"Jeremiah Tall is quite literally a one-man band, channeling rowdy barroom rock energy into rabble rousing, bourbon-soaked country with just himself and a hand-painted suitcase converted into a kick drum." - John Vettese, The Key

Inspired by an unwavering love for summers spent in the mountains, along with the tall tales from his youth, Jeremiah Tall is a one-man show based out of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Tall's tales range from the struggles of finding your feet on an ever-changing landscape to fictional stories of cowboys and the common man’s battle with the devil. A hand painted suitcase converted into a kick drum provides a backbone to his own throwback spin on folk rock.


  1. Coal Mining March
  2. Train
  3. Where I Am
  4. Revelation (The Final Book)
  5. Penn's Woods
  6. The Devil & Daved
  7. Shine Maker
  8. Bleed