Jack Lawtey - Spiralling RANDM 025


From a once mighty fishing town on a bygone curve of England's northeast coast, Jack Lawtey creates introspective, bellowing pop with an underpinning of northern honesty. “People are pretty down on where I’m from. If people are here, it’s because this was their destination, never part of their journey. It facilitates a collective kind of insistent stoicism which has bled into everyone that was born there and certainly into my music" says Jack.

His debut album, "Spiralling", is an ever-shifting soundtrack to a year in his life. With tinges of folk, baroque pop and fuzzy ballads, and dusty keyboards and drunken guitars giving way to brassy, frank vocals, "Spiralling" hides from being thematic and never sits still.

“With music, bad always gave way to good. When I was young, I found myself bed bound for a year following surgery and while trying to cling to my sanity I began fiddling with music. In the subsequent ten (and thankfully more mobile) years I've drifted between backing up other musicians, recording their songs, and generally feeling a little placeless. Now I'm here, alone.”