Blisses B - You Should RANDM 032


“Blisses B don’t so much cross genre divides as run a steam roller over them. The best part is that they truly sound like they relish their complete freedom." – Americana UK

““Juxtaposed” takes a whole lot of folk and classic rock musicians, throws them in a bag and shakes liberally…The opening track to the CD is well placed, as it draws you into the rest.” – They Know

“You Should is full of jubilant funk and folk festival fare that never bogs down” – East Bay Express


  1. Juxtaposed
  2. Tick Tock
  3. Condone
  4. A.Q.
  5. Open Hand, Weak Wrist
  6. Surfing Boogie Boards
  7. When In Fact
  8. Lemur
  9. Wooden Ghosts
  10. You Should