Blisses B - Thirty Days, Sixty Years RANDM 033


"11 glistening ditties — heavy with none-too-subtle Afropop influences, strong doses of Paul Simonism, and snippets of Cat Stevensy folk.” - SF Weekly

“They make me think of a group of ruffians that brought their surfboards to a roller rink and created a pile up during the slow skate." - Write Click Cook Listen

“Questo pezzo è un qualcosa di incredibile, sembra quasi di altri tempi” (”This piece is something incredible, seems of another era”) - Jackie Jacks You

Regal Goodbyes - one “of the best new indie songs to get you through the madness of winter." - Grad Student By Day


  1. Regal Goodbyes
  2. Your Own Growl
  3. Thirty Days, Sixty Years
  4. Valley Low
  5. Fine And Dandy
  6. Cattywompus
  7. Yesteryear
  8. I Was Around
  9. Spirit
  10. Decimal Point