Blisses B - Sea Level Astronomy RANDM 034


"A warming blend of folk rock, the album explores the kind of terrain which, with a certain amount of creativity, can sustain the kind of non-specific genre the diverse may call home." Craig O'Shea - LDM

"Oakland blessed us with Blisses B, a quartet whose latest LP graces listeners with a bright disposition and diverse sounds that make it pleasantly hard to categorize. Sea Level Astronomy brilliantly and organically blends folk, rock and psychedelia into a record oozing Vitamin D. The band’s third full-length album evokes an animated, underdog tone through upbeat catchiness and folky, wholesome vocals. Its mentality is similar to Weezer’s “Beverly Hills,” but not as loud and with a bit more soul." - Independent Clauses


  1. Montevideo
  2. Well Lit Plan
  3. Weapons Grade
  4. Side Hug
  5. Figurative Light
  6. Years In The Evening
  7. Tenne
  8. Sea Level Astronomy
  9. Living Trust
  10. Epoch