The Palominos - Sweet Misery RANDM 009


The debut full length from the San Diego based honky tonk band, The Palominos.

"The Palominos are a tight-knit band. The rhythm section likes its job and stays true with simple structures with the guitar supporting the beat under the vocals until it sees open road and lets the riffs ride fast and free. Thomas is the man behind the guitar, his leads weave in and out of the tracks with precision. He goes to tradition and uses a reverbed twang in addition to pure clean note patterns yet there are moments when he seems to tie the strings in knots and quickly untie them like a badge-laden boy scout who just discovered the electric guitar. Thomas’ brother James is on bass and shared heritage influences heard at home double the authenticity of The Palominos music. The pair joined Lance (vocals) and Craig (drums) due to a shared bloodline love of west coast honky tonk." - The Alternate Root