Scary Little Friends - Silent Revolution RANDM 035


"What struck us first about these songs is how surprisingly accessible they are. Most up-and-coming bands play artsy strange stuff and then later on adjust their style to suit a larger audience. These three guys seem to have jumped right off the diving board playing songs that sound like obvious direct hits. Instead of falling into the trap of overproducing their songs, these three guys leave things nice, simple, and sparse. Seven super nice guitar pop tracks here including "Everything At Once," "Silent Revolution," "In This Lifetime," and "Rabbit Hole." - babysue

“Scary Little Friends is the best kept secret in the San Francisco music scene, and that needs to change… [The band] is vocally strong and instrumentally tight. The lineup for Outside Lands was announced yesterday, but there are always some additions after the first announcement. We nominate Scary Little Friends.”
Collie McOreo - Indie Obsessive


  1. Everything At Once
  2. Silent Revolution
  3. Renegade Lover
  4. Unstoppable
  5. In This Lifetime
  6. Made Up My Mind
  7. Rabbit Hole