The Lawsuits - Moon Son RANDM 076


"The Lawsuits are back, this time with a track called “Romeo” from their new sophomore full-length Moon Son. It feels like a classic Americana song, telling the tales of characters observed when out in dusty towns and dark roadside bars.That cello adds a subtle depth that carries “Romeo” to its peak alongside a great bass line. Strouse’s Jakob Dylan-meets-Jeff Tweedy vocals are gently supported by Vanessa Winters, while piano and guitar alternate as the driving force." - Julie Miller, The Key

"This isn’t a band that’s about to be designated to one specific genre. Instead, the 11 songs on their sophomore release blend rock, groove, pop and more with soulful vocals and instrument playing that highlight their uniqueness. This band is the real deal." - Elmore Magazine


  1. A Day
  2. Do Ya
  3. Romeo
  4. Ocean
  5. Wasted
  6. Good Time To Change
  7. Last Night
  8. Queen Of Spades
  9. Moon Son
  10. To End War
  11. Hail Storm