Duke Evers - Velvet Hips RANDM 079


The new full length album from the Seattle, WA based band, Duke Evers, out now on Randm Records.

"There’s sweet melodies that culminate in tear-it-up guitar riffs, warbly Elvis-like vocals, and beats you can’t help but dance to. Disparate influences somehow manage to both show off and merge into a cohesive, compelling work while the threesome’s live magnetism all but pops out of the speakers." - Stephanie Dore, Seattle Music News


  1. Touch Of Skin
  2. Shake It Down
  3. Chelsea
  4. Here We Go
  5. Don't Stare
  6. Velvet Hips
  7. You Said I Said
  8. Starting Brite
  9. Once I Did
  10. I'm Your Man
  11. Delusioning